Is The Adobe Creative Cloud a Scam?

 Something about the Adobe Creative Cloud doesn’t sit right with me. Adobe joins Norton and other companies with monthly/yearly subscription type services. To keep your software going, you have to keep on paying.

It seems pretty much like cable tv… you pay a monthly fee for some of your favorite programs, but just like cable, you are stuck with a bunch of programs you may never want or use.

You pay 50 dollars a month for a yearly subscription. or 75 dollars a month for a month to month subscription with the availability to shut it off at any time.

Also like cable tv, there are no a la carte options. You’re stuck with one tier. So if you’re a web designer who knows nothing about video, well too bad. Aren’t all these programs eating up valuable hard drive space?

Also we all know how volatile the creative industry is and how closely it’s tied to the economy. So when the economy goes bad, who usually gets cut first…the creatives…. I’ve personally been laid off 4 times in my career. So if i lose the ability to pay for the Adobe Creative Cloud, well there goes my livelihood and ability to freelance

Of course there are some benefits.. constant updates, a lower threshold for people to buy the software. For Adobe, there is constant revenue stream, instead of an influx of money every two years when a new Creative Suite used to come out, its every month.

But as a creative professional, I really don’t have much of a choice. Of course I can keep on using CS5 forever. I’ll probably keep CS5 on my desktop for emergencies, then, unfortunately, upgrade to the Creative Cloud on my desktop

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