It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby. The 100 dollar bill get’s a redesign
The good–finally some color on US money. Large type “100” on the back can help people with vision problems.
The bad- US Currency needs a redesign in general and needs to follow the rest of the world’s by creating different bills in different sizes and colors. Why? It helps those with vision problems (or even those who don’t) know by touch what bill they are using/paying with. 
Different colored bills can help you quickly what bill you are using. Think of all the experiences you’ve had at a store “I gave you a 20…” but the cashier claims you didn’t (especially in lower lighting settings like restaurants and bars) Bills in other colors could help alleviate this problem.
But don’t hold your breath, people dislike change, and I can just see some politicians flipping out on saying how we are wrecking the US and its traditions by changing the design of our money

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