1. Parallax/One page Design

Yeah its cool, but I find it overwhelming sometimes. I like controlled dosages of information

2. Flat Design
Ok I’m not total anti flat design, quite a bit of I enjoy and since my Adobe Illustrator skills are not stellar thats all I can make, but I want it my new portfolio to have some personality.

3. The huge ass “HELLO MY NAME IS XXXX AND IM A WEB DESIGNER” at the top of the page. Seems like everyone is doing it.

4. “Creative” navigation.. yes it shows off your design and coding chops, but I don’t want people needing instructions on how to navigate my website.

5. Picture of myself. I still have bauhaus/international style manifestos in my head of Graphic Design as “anonymous” art for the people by the people. You don’t sign your work (unless you’re a poster maker)

And to be honest, don’t want people getting hung up on my race and physical features when my real focus should be my work, not what I look like.

6. Listing all the big brands you’ve worked for– well as an agency or freelancer this is important, but for me, not so much. And its all presented in the same way on most websites

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