Disconnect for Creativity


I enjoyed reading this Fast Company article about creativity. Especially the part about tuning out and dropping out.

1. Create time for solitude. 
In interviewing others, I found that solitude is the No. 1 creative habit of highly creative people. If you’re immersed in online distractions and other busy-ness, you’ll never have the space to consider the ideas you’ve gleaned from elsewhere, or think about how to remix them. So while connection is important (see other steps below), time for solitude is just as critical and often forgotten.”
As an electronic musician, I always found melodies and song ideas come to me doing mundane things..walking the dog, taking a shower, washing the dishes.

Since I am redoing my online portfolio, can this work for me visually/graphic design wise also?

Unless I’m doing some intensive reading, I almost have music on ALL THE TIME. So the silence is a bit jarring. I even fall asleep to a light “relaxation” playlist of mostly soundtrack, ambient and classical music.

I took up long distance running in the Spring of 2013, so after reading the Fast Company article, I decided to do something i NEVER do. I ran without music. I was mostly playing with music ideas in my head though! Can I get visual thoughts too?

I’ll try it again this morning!

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