Staffing/Recruiting Firms, Friend or Foe?

Yeah, I’ll burn some bridges with this one, but I’m curious
What are people’s experiences are with creative recruiters/staffing firms. I find some are more reputable like Paladin or Aquent. But I feel many are just using computers to keyword scan your resume, they call you “Oh I have a job that would be a PERFECT fit for you” you talk to them, and you find out they never really read your resume or  even looked at your portfolio. Even more annoying… foreign recruiting firms using Vonage/VOIP Us numbers trying to recruit you for a job thats not even close to where you live. Thoughts? Experiences?
Dice and Monster seem to be ripe pickings for the “I found your resume on xyz….” But these are more the IT staffing firms, who once again, don’t look at your resume or portfolio and trying to place you in a job where you don’t fit
The other funny thing, they will badmouth the other recruiting firms when they talk to you. They always ask “has another firm presented you for this job?”
Do recruiters work on commission if they place people on jobs, because that’s the feeling I get.
Creative Circle seems pretty much useless. You can send them resume after resume and they will never get back to you

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