Legos were one of my favorite childhood toys. I didn’t really put them away till I got to high school (embarrassing to admit, yes, I know!)

Back in the 80s there was only “City”, “Space” and “Castle” Lego. But I enjoyed them all, especially Space and City. My mom tried to get me into “Technics” perhaps thinking I was getting too old for Legos, but I resisted!

One of my favorite sets, the Emergency Medical Center

Even though today Lego has branched out into licensing deals with films, tv and comic books (From Star Wars to DC Comics to the Simpsons), it’s still essentially the same build-a-world “interlocking brick system”

So the kid at heart in me was excited and very curious when I heard they were making a LEGO Movie.  I finally saw it today and I was not disappointed.  Just like Legos themselves, it was a wildly inventive adventure, filled with jokes for both adults and kids.

Of course being a kids movie, there has to be a message..but it doesn’t beat you over the head nor is it too syrupy.

Focusing on themes like believing in oneself, individuality, creativity,the balance between when its good to be a free thinker, and when its good to be a part of team.

“Big Business” is certainly a target of the film, which is ironic since both Lego and Warner Brothers are huge businesses themselves.

What makes the Lego Movie a lot of fun is the mashup of the Lego “multiverses”. City, Space, Castle, Pirates, DC Comics, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons all share the screen at the same time and interact with each other. I had no idea Lego Batman had such a big part in the film, which made it interesting also. However being a Warner Brothers movie (who owns DC) the Marvel Superheroes are all absent.

The Lego Movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, and pokes fun at Lego toys themselves(Barry, the outdated 80s Space Lego who cant let go of the past) , along with all its characters.
Batman is obsessed with being dark and brooding, even writing a song about it, and swimming in dude/bro culture.
Geen Lantern being the obnoxious overbearing friend that Superman can’t stand
Vitruvius gets Gandalf and Dumbledore confused
Wonder Woman’s invisible jet being blown up, but all you see is the fireball since its invisible.
Lando Calrissian is the overly slick ladies man trying to pick up women with bad one-liners.

There also clever little homages to movies like 2001, The Terminator, Lord of The Rings, and The Matrix.

The movie also shares some elements of Pleasantville and Back To The Future in how “perfect worlds” start to crumble when people start thinking for themselves.

It’s nice when there is animated film that both kids, adults, and kids at heart can all enjoy on different levels.


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