My Secret Love of Cars

One thing you may, or may not know about me is that I used to be a car fanatic. Now I don’t know about the mechanics, or how to even change the oil but I definitely love the aesthetics! My love of cars was given to me by my late and dear beloved brother Vernon. He had subscriptions to both Road and Track and Motor Trend magazine. From the 2nd grade to my Sophomore year of college I only missed one Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place. Vernon would take me and my friends T.j. Frey and Kurt Schwab to the Auto Show when we got to high school and was always fun, and would go to Ed Debevic’s before hand.
I would obsessively go to every single car makers booth, get their model year brochure, I would have a loaded bag full of them. Then I would take them home and pour over everyone of them. Since we were a GM family, that was my favorite, since we owned every GM mark except Cadillac, Saturn and GMC. We had a 1975 Pontiac Grand Safari, a 1986 Chevy Celebrity(which later became my car), a 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.
My love art started early, so I would make up my own cars, and my own car company which I called “Mega Motors” however, they were just badly drawn bootleg versions of already existing GM cars, I just changed the names. I actually wanted to be a car designer growing up. But my love of drawing turned from cars to Marvel comics in the 7th grade.
My dad also bought us all second hand cheapy cars like a 1986 Nissan Sentra stick shift, no air conditioner, A 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciara, and I eventually would drive a 1986 Toyota Truck (no air conditioning and stick shift) and a 1990 Toyota Corolla. Also bought a second hand 1982 Honda Accord, it was a lemon, back when they had the “Ha-Ha” ad campaign, and thats what we nick named the car.
I was most proud of our Snoop Dog-licious 1964 black Chevy Impala coupe, which Vernon drove in high school and drove us around to many places.
I used to be able to sit on a street corner and name the make and model of every car that went by, something I used to pride myself on. I can still remember the cars my friend had as a kid. Stephanie had a LaBaron convertible, TJ drove a Cavalier (till he crashed it 😉 Both Mike and Megan had Cavalier’s also, Damian drove a Saturn. Jay had a Firebird, some old Oldsmobiles and a Buick Regal, Yolonda Lewis’ mom had an Audi 5000, and my friend Darren had a Aerostar minivan, and my friend Chris had a Honda Accord, (well his parents did anyways!)
What was impressive was someone in the neighborhood (the Valley) had a DaLorean, which was cool because back to the Future had come out. Also classmate Mike Mandarino’s father had an Excalibur, a fancy and rare exotic car which he would sometimes drive to school in.
My dad was pretty obsessive about the cars and maintaining them and if something happened to the car, of course it was something YOU DID that made the car stall or malfunction.
When I graduate school, I would later drive a 1990 Toyota Corolla stick shift, a 2002 Chevy S-10 truck (i totaled the Toyota Truck on some slick ice on I-57 coming home from a visit to Champaign) and an inherited a 1990 pimp car from my beloved Aunt Sissy, a Buick Riviera with leather seats, and anti lock breaks (rare for the time) and headlights that would automatically turn on (also rare for the time). Sadly this car was also totaled when a semi truck hit and ran me on the Eisenhower expressway late at night as I was coming home from Berlin Nightclub.
In college I started to have a secret love for VW, and my living in and trips to Europe further cemented this. I fell in love with European cars in general..all the different makes and models that we don’t get here, or all the different trim levels and engines that we can’t get in the United States. Or foreign cars like Pugeot, Alfa Romeo, Renualt that we used to have in the states but no longer have. Of course living in the former Yugoslavia, I was fascinated by the YUGO! I could not believe so many were still on the road in working condition.
IN 2010 my dream came true, and I finally was able to buy my VW! At first I tried driving a Kia Soul, which to me felt like I was driving a toy bumper car and didn’t like the steering. Then I tried a Honda Fit (Jazz for you Europeans) but felt not the right fit and frankly the Honda folks were rude to me. Then I tried a Mazda 3, but for some reason amber interior lighting turns me off. I had no real intention of buying a Golf at first, but since all the car dealerships were right next to each other, I said , why not walk into VW and see the Golf and Jetta. Well I took the Golf for test drive, and I fell in love, it was the best driving car I had ever had, and the most fun, (also a stick shift)
I used to read Autoblog every single day, but as many of you have been reading my posts lately,a depression had me losing interest in all the things I used to enjoy like music and cars and I stopped keeping up with cars and the new models, and I can no longer spot every make and model of car like I used to. (maybe 60-70 percent right)
However, I think it’s time to jump back into the automobile world and see what’s going on

2021 VW Golf

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