time.com Redesign and The Case of The Missing Global Navigation

Jakob Nielsen and his Nielsen Norman Group seems to has a love/hate relationship with the web design community. While his usability work is definitely pioneering, he seems to be an old curmudgeon that ignores how graphic/web design is an important part of User Experience. For him its definitely function over form. One recent article put […]

Does the word “Design” need a makeover

A good topic on the Linked In Creative Design Pros group. Alpana ParidaBrand Creation, Rejuvenation and Architecture. Building Brands Without Advtg, Culture Transformation WorkshopsTop Contributor Design means so many things – from fashion, to graphic, to product…. The popular meaning of design is pure aesthetics. The idea of strategic design has eluded business decision makers. […]

Disconnect for Creativity

http://www.fastcompany.com/3022448/how-to-be-a-success-at-everything/how-creativity-works-and-how-to-harness-its-power I enjoyed reading this Fast Company article about creativity. Especially the part about tuning out and dropping out. “1. Create time for solitude.  In interviewing others, I found that solitude is the No. 1 creative habit of highly creative people. If you’re immersed in online distractions and other busy-ness, you’ll never have the space […]

Things to stay away from with my portfolio redesign

1. Parallax/One page Design Yeah its cool, but I find it overwhelming sometimes. I like controlled dosages of information 2. Flat DesignOk I’m not total anti flat design, quite a bit of I enjoy and since my Adobe Illustrator skills are not stellar thats all I can make, but I want it my new portfolio […]